Hearing Loss Can Affect People of Every Age

You may need to meet with a Doctor of Audiology

Hearing Difficulties Can Change Your Life

Get treatment from a hearing doctor in New Hartford or Rome, NY

Do you have trouble hearing your television? Maybe you can't understand conversations when people are speaking low. You may need to visit a local audiologist from Bremer Hearing & Audiology in Rome or New Hartford, New York. Our team has extensive education on the ears and the process of hearing. We can assess your problem and propose effective treatment options, tailored to you.

Prioritize your health

When it comes to your health, finding a well-qualified and attentive doctor is important. Many people of all ages come to us for hearing loss treatment because:

  • We have over 28 years of experience
  • We're a second-generation family-owned business
  • Our lead hearing doctor has a doctorate in audiology
  • We are a proud carries of Signa Hearing Aids

You can trust that you're in good hands when you get treatment from our team. Our focus is always on providing top-quality products and treatments for our clients. Meet with a local audiologist from Bremer Hearing & Audiology in Rome or New Hartford, New York today.

You're never too young to visit a hearing doctor

Losing your hearing can be frightening-especially when it happens in your 50s or 60s. You may think that you're too young to need hearing aids or to visit a hearing doctor for checkups. Hearing loss can occur at any age for a variety of reasons. Our team can perform an otoscopic examination or audiometry test to determine the root of your problem. You can then receive customized treatment.

Find out more about our testing and treatment options now by calling 315-735-3536 for our New Hartford location and 315-337-0654 for our Rome location.