Put Your Ears to the Test

You may need an otoscopic examination or audiometry test in New Hartford or Rome, NY

There are multiple types of hearing loss. They are usually categorized as either conductive-meaning there's a problem with your ears-or sensorineural-meaning there's a problem with your brain's ability to process sound. Bremer Hearing & Audiology can perform a variety of tests to identify and categorize your hearing problems. You can come to us for an audiometry test or otoscopic examination in Rome or New Hartford, New York.

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When your hearing begins to change, you want answers. That's why our team performs a wide range of tests. You can come to our clinic for a:

  • Otoscopic examination, to detect abnormalities
  • Audiometry test, to test your ability to hear specific frequencies
  • Speech reception test, to test your threshold for identifying speech
  • Speech recognition test, to test your ability to hear conversations
  • Immittance test, for eardrum or middle ear issues
  • Bone conduction test, to detect sensory loss
Plus, we can create custom music noise reduction earplugs. These earplugs can be made and molded to fit your ear perfectly. Learn more about our clinical testing and services today by visiting Bremer Hearing & Audiology in Rome or New Hartford, New York.